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Final Cut Pro Radio Episode 98

So what actually happened at the 2019 FCPX Creative Summit? In this episode part two of FCPRadio, we talk with three people who were there, Bill Davis, Felipe Baez and myself, Richard Taylor. And one outsider’s view via Alex Gollner.

As is every event, some are better than others. This Summit had parts that were as good as or better than pasts Summits. And it also had a last minute cancellation to the Apple Park Spaceship Campus, which had been confirmed for the last four months and a visit to Apple HQ which was different than the last three Summits. We go to Apple HQ for a specific reason, not to just meet and greet which we do all weekend.

We continue our discussion of the FCPX Summit as much as we can publicly in part 2 of this podcast.  Episode 97 part 1 and Episode 98 part 2 are best listened to one after the other to get a complete picture of the Summit.

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