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FCPRadio 054 FCPX 10.4 Extravaganza! Steve Martin, Mark Spencer & Crew 


In this episode of Final Cut Pro Radio we have Steve Martin and Mark Spencer from Ripple Training along with Patrick Southern from Lumaforge and Bill Davis, Gabriel Spaulding and Felipe Baez all talking about FCPX 10.4.


We go into FCPX 10.4 details about  

iMac Pro  


LUFS meter  

8K 360 video  

Youtube Vimeo  


5k Red raw  

Motion improvements  

Metal 2 implementation  

High Sierra versus Sierra  

The new Logic plugins in 10.4  

Motion 360 features  

NFS support  

10 gig ethernet and much more 


Stay tuned to year three of Final Cut Pro Radio coming up in 2018. 


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