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FCPRadio 051 FCPX 10.4 & Free FCPX Plugins!

In this episode 051, a group of us discuss the FCPX 10.4 announcement and what FCPX Summit attendees saw at 1 Infinite Loop at Apple HQ. We discuss the new features and what and when we can expect the 10.4 release. Joining in the FCPRadio LIVE! conversation via Google Hangout are FCPX Summit attendees Patrick Southern, Jeff Greenberg, Gabriel Spaulding, Bill Davis and dropping by to join in the chat are Tony Gallardo, Ben Brodbeck, and Chuck Braverman.


In part two we talk with Tap5a, a FCPX plugin developer from Finland. You will want to listen in to find out what is going on with FCPX in Finland and download his very useful and FREE FCPX plugins.


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